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Isabel Caudillo's El Buen Comer welcomes you into the warmth of a Mexican home kitchen. Born in Mexico City, Isabel cooks the food she was raised with, the richly flavored dishes of her childhood.

Isabel's first professional kitchen in San Francisco was her home kitchen. Delighted by her meals, family and friends encouraged her to share her cooking with others. She finally agreed, cooking and selling out of her own home. Even now, after externships with Mijita and Delfina, and having moved to cooking out of a commercial kitchen, she still lavishes the same care on her professional meals that she would in her own home.

Isabel makes the authentic Mexican dishes of El Buen Comer from scratch, using organic masa and hand-rolling enchiladas. At the heart of her menu are guisados, the staple of Mexico City homecooking. Slow-cooked, earthy sauces stewed with meat or a vegetable, they are served alongside rice and beans. Even the more familiar elements of the El Buen Comer menu — tacos and enchiladas — are made according to Mexican tradition, with meltingly soft shredded beef or chicken stewed slowly in Isabel's signature green and red sauces. Isabel also serves a variety of other homestyle dishes, ranging from albondigas (savory meatballs in tomato sauce) to coditos con crema, a pasta and cream dish that has defined comfort food for generations of Mexicans.

El Buen Comer was born out of Isabel's commitment to growing her business through La Cocina, a non-profit incubator kitchen in San Francisco that works with women who are launching and formalizing food businesses. Isabel's entire family helps in the kitchen and with her business. Her husband is an accomplished cook himself, and her three sons work in the service and the operational side of the business.



You can find Isabel and her family selling the homestyle food of Mexico City every Saturday from 8am to 1pm at the Noe Valley Farmers Market.

A typical menu will include Chilaquiles, Enchiladas Verdes or with Mole, Quesadillas, Sopes, Tostadas, Tamales, and a weekly Guisado served with Arroz y Frijoles.



Whether you're homesick for Mexico or excited to make a culinary journey there, El Buen Comer is the professional caterer that you've been looking for. Isabel offers gourmet Mexican foods cooked with the authentic ingredients and care with which she prepares food for her own family. Menus will be created to fit the taste and budget of every client, and for every kind of event, including weddings, quinceañeras, baptisms, first communions, baby showers, birthday receptions, company holiday parties, casual gatherings, etc.

Official Catering Menu (PDF).



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